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CommandLine Class Reference

#include <CommandLine.h>

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Public Types

enum  Orientation { TOP, LEFT, RIGHT, UPSIDEDOWN }

Public Member Functions

 CommandLine (QStringList const &argv, bool g=true)
page_layout::Alignment getAlignment () const
output::ColorParams::ColorMode getColorMode () const
Despeckle::Level getContentDetection () const
QRectF getContentRect () const
output::DepthPerception getDepthPerception () const
double getDeskewAngle () const
output::DespeckleLevel getDespeckleLevel () const
output::DewarpingMode getDewarpingMode () const
int getEndFilterIdx () const
Dpi getInputDpi () const
page_split::LayoutType getLayout () const
Qt::LayoutDirection getLayoutDirection () const
Margins getMargins () const
Orientation getOrientation () const
Dpi getOutputDpi () const
int getStartFilterIdx () const
int getThreshold () const
bool hasAlignment () const
bool hasColorMode () const
bool hasContentRect () const
bool hasDepthPerception () const
bool hasDeskew () const
bool hasDeskewAngle () const
bool hasDespeckle () const
bool hasDewarping () const
bool hasEndFilterIdx () const
bool hasHelp () const
bool hasLayout () const
bool hasLayoutDirection () const
bool hasMargins () const
bool hasNormalizeIllumination () const
bool hasOrientation () const
bool hasOutputDpi () const
bool hasOutputProject () const
bool hasStartFilterIdx () const
bool hasThreshold () const
bool hasWhiteMargins () const
bool help ()
std::vector< ImageFileInfo >
const & 
images () const
bool isGui () const
bool isVerbose () const
QString const & outputDirectory () const
QString const & outputProjectFile () const
void printHelp ()
QString const & projectFile () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CommandLine const & get ()
static void set (CommandLine const &cl)

Private Member Functions

bool contains (QString const &key) const
page_layout::Alignment fetchAlignment ()
output::ColorParams::ColorMode fetchColorMode ()
Despeckle::Level fetchContentDetection ()
QRectF fetchContentRect ()
output::DepthPerception fetchDepthPerception ()
double fetchDeskewAngle ()
output::DespeckleLevel fetchDespeckleLevel ()
output::DewarpingMode fetchDewarpingMode ()
Dpi fetchDpi (QString oname="dpi")
int fetchEndFilterIdx ()
Qt::LayoutDirection fetchLayoutDirection ()
page_split::LayoutType fetchLayoutType ()
Margins fetchMargins ()
Orientation fetchOrientation ()
QString fetchOutputProjectFile ()
int fetchStartFilterIdx ()
int fetchThreshold ()
bool isGlobal ()
void parseCli (QStringList const &argv)
void setGlobal ()
void setup ()

Private Attributes

page_layout::Alignment m_alignment
output::ColorParams::ColorMode m_colorMode
Despeckle::Level m_contentDetection
QRectF m_contentRect
output::DepthPerception m_depthPerception
double m_deskewAngle
output::DespeckleLevel m_despeckleLevel
output::DewarpingMode m_dewarpingMode
Dpi m_dpi
int m_endFilterIdx
std::vector< QFileInfo > m_files
bool m_global
bool m_gui
std::vector< ImageFileInfom_images
Qt::LayoutDirection m_layoutDirection
page_split::LayoutType m_layoutType
Margins m_margins
QMap< QString, QString > m_options
Orientation m_orientation
QString m_outputDirectory
Dpi m_outputDpi
QString m_outputProjectFile
QString m_projectFile
int m_startFilterIdx
int m_threshold

Static Private Attributes

static CommandLine m_globalInstance

Detailed Description

CommandLine is a singleton simulation. use CommandLine::get() to get access to global class use CommandLine::set(CommandLine const&) to set the global class

Definition at line 44 of file CommandLine.h.

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