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ProjectPages Class Reference

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struct  ImageDesc

Public Types



void modified ()

Public Member Functions

void autoSetLayoutTypeFor (ImageId const &image_id, OrthogonalRotation rotation)
std::vector< PageInfoinsertImage (ImageInfo const &new_image, BeforeOrAfter before_or_after, ImageId const &existing, PageView view)
 Insert an image before or after the existing one.
Qt::LayoutDirection layoutDirection () const
int numImages () const
 ProjectPages (Qt::LayoutDirection layout_direction=Qt::LeftToRight)
 ProjectPages (std::vector< ImageInfo > const &images, Qt::LayoutDirection layout_direction)
 ProjectPages (std::vector< ImageFileInfo > const &files, Pages pages, Qt::LayoutDirection layout_direction)
void ref () const
void removePages (std::set< PageId > const &pages)
void setLayoutTypeFor (ImageId const &image_id, LayoutType layout)
void setLayoutTypeForAllPages (LayoutType layout)
std::vector< ImageFileInfotoImageFileInfo () const
PageSequence toPageSequence (PageView view) const
void unref () const
PageInfo unremovePage (PageId const &page_id)
 Unremoves half-a-page, if the other half is still present.
void updateImageMetadata (ImageId const &image_id, ImageMetadata const &metadata)
void updateMetadataFrom (std::vector< ImageFileInfo > const &files)
bool validateDpis () const
 Check if all DPIs are OK, in terms of ImageMetadata::isDpiOK()

Static Public Member Functions

static int adviseNumberOfLogicalPages (ImageMetadata const &metadata, OrthogonalRotation rotation)

Private Member Functions

void autoSetLayoutTypeForImpl (ImageId const &image_id, OrthogonalRotation rotation, bool *modified)
void initSubPagesInOrder (Qt::LayoutDirection layout_direction)
std::vector< PageInfoinsertImageImpl (ImageInfo const &new_image, BeforeOrAfter before_or_after, ImageId const &existing, PageView view, bool &modified)
void removePagesImpl (std::set< PageId > const &pages, bool &modified)
void setLayoutTypeForAllPagesImpl (LayoutType layout, bool *modified)
void setLayoutTypeForImpl (ImageId const &image_id, LayoutType layout, bool *modified)
PageInfo unremovePageImpl (PageId const &page_id, bool &modified)
void updateImageMetadataImpl (ImageId const &image_id, ImageMetadata const &metadata, bool *modified)

Private Attributes

std::vector< ImageDescm_images
QMutex m_mutex
PageId::SubPage m_subPagesInOrder [2]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file ProjectPages.h.

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