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ProjectReader Class Reference

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struct  FileRecord

Public Types

typedef IntrusivePtr
< AbstractFilter

Public Member Functions

ImageId imageId (int numeric_id) const
< FileNameDisambiguator >
const & 
namingDisambiguator () const
QString const & outputDirectory () const
PageId pageId (int numeric_id) const
IntrusivePtr< ProjectPages >
const & 
pages () const
 ProjectReader (QDomDocument const &doc)
void readFilterSettings (std::vector< FilterPtr > const &filters) const
SelectedPage const & selectedPage () const
bool success () const

Private Types

typedef std::map< int, QString > DirMap
typedef std::map< int, FileRecordFileMap
typedef std::map< int, ImageInfoImageMap
typedef std::map< int, PageIdPageMap

Private Member Functions

QString expandFilePath (QString const &path_shorthand) const
QString getDirPath (int id) const
FileRecord getFileRecord (int id) const
ImageInfo getImageInfo (int id) const
void processDirectories (QDomElement const &dirs_el)
void processFiles (QDomElement const &files_el)
ImageMetadata processImageMetadata (QDomElement const &image_el)
void processImages (QDomElement const &images_el, Qt::LayoutDirection layout_direction)
void processPages (QDomElement const &pages_el)

Private Attributes

DirMap m_dirMap
QDomDocument m_doc
FileMap m_fileMap
ImageMap m_imageMap
QString m_outDir
PageMap m_pageMap
< FileNameDisambiguator
IntrusivePtr< ProjectPagesm_ptrPages
SelectedPage m_selectedPage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file ProjectReader.h.

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