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ThumbnailSequence::Impl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void attachView (QGraphicsView *view)
void contextMenuRequested (PageInfo const &page_info, QPoint const &screen_pos, bool selected)
PageInfo firstPage () const
 Impl (ThumbnailSequence &owner, QSizeF const &max_logical_thumb_size)
void insert (PageInfo const &new_page, BeforeOrAfter before_or_after, ImageId const &image)
void invalidateAllThumbnails ()
void invalidateThumbnail (PageInfo const &page_info)
void invalidateThumbnail (PageId const &page_id)
void itemSelectedByUser (CompositeItem *item, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers)
PageInfo lastPage () const
PageInfo nextPage (PageId const &page_id) const
PageInfo prevPage (PageId const &page_id) const
void removePages (std::set< PageId > const &pages)
void reset (PageSequence const &pages, SelectionAction const selection_action, IntrusivePtr< PageOrderProvider const > const &provider)
std::set< PageIdselectedItems () const
std::vector< PageRangeselectedRanges () const
PageInfo selectionLeader () const
QRectF selectionLeaderSceneRect () const
bool setSelection (PageId const &page_id)
void setThumbnailFactory (IntrusivePtr< ThumbnailFactory > const &factory)
PageSequence toPageSequence () const

Private Types

typedef multi_index_container
< Item, indexed_by
< ordered_unique< tag
< ItemsByIdTag >
, const_mem_fun< Item, PageId
const &,&Item::pageId >
>, sequenced< tag
< ItemsInOrderTag >
>, sequenced< tag
< SelectedThenUnselectedTag > > > > 
typedef Container::index
< ItemsByIdTag >::type 
typedef Container::index
< ItemsInOrderTag >::type 
typedef Container::index
< SelectedThenUnselectedTag >

Private Member Functions

void clear ()
void clearSelection ()
void commitSceneRect ()
std::auto_ptr< CompositeItemgetCompositeItem (Item const *item, PageInfo const &info)
std::auto_ptr< LabelGroupgetLabelGroup (PageInfo const &page_info)
std::auto_ptr< QGraphicsItem > getThumbnail (PageInfo const &page_info)
void invalidateThumbnailImpl (ItemsById::iterator id_it)
ItemsInOrder::iterator itemInsertPosition (ItemsInOrder::iterator begin, ItemsInOrder::iterator end, PageId const &page_id, bool page_incomplete, ItemsInOrder::iterator hint, int *dist_from_hint=0)
void moveToSelected (Item const *item)
void moveToUnselected (Item const *item)
bool multipleItemsSelected () const
void sceneContextMenuEvent (QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEvent *evt)
void selectItemNoModifiers (ItemsById::iterator const &it)
void selectItemWithControl (ItemsById::iterator const &it)
void selectItemWithShift (ItemsById::iterator const &it)

Private Attributes

GraphicsScene m_graphicsScene
Container m_items
ItemsById & m_itemsById
ItemsInOrder & m_itemsInOrder
QSizeF m_maxLogicalThumbSize
Item const * m_pSelectionLeader
IntrusivePtr< ThumbnailFactorym_ptrFactory
< PageOrderProvider const > 
QRectF m_sceneRect
SelectedThenUnselected & m_selectedThenUnselected

Static Private Attributes

static int const SPACING = 10

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file ThumbnailSequence.cpp.

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